Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Miche goodies for sale, as of Oct 3rd 2017 :)

Hello, Miche Lovers!!

I have a collection of Miche Shells and goodies, but the time has come (AGAIN) to clean out my closet and let others enjoy them!! All of my Miche goodies are from my personal hunting collection, from being demo's at my parties or as part of my inventory.


Enjoy your day!


PS: Are you looking for photos of retired Miche goodies? If so, they have relocated to a new home page : http://retiredmiche.blogspot.com   

Please note that these photos will only go up to July 15, 2015. Anything that has been retired after July 15, 2015 will not be categorized at this time.

Please bookmark  http://retiredmiche.blogspot.com   for your future "Retired Miche" reference page, as this page has now retired!!

My Miche items for sale, as of October 3rd 2017

Hello, Miche Lovers -

I have an updated Miche goodies "For Sale" list:


Enjoy your day :)


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MIche fashion at the speed of life
Hello, Miche Lovers!! I hope this finds you and your family healthy and happy!!
Sooo... First I want to tell you how I am very thankful that Miche has introduced me to some awesome ladies and even more blessed I am with your friendship!! Unfortunately, it is time for me to retire from Miche - which is bittersweet!
I have loved being involved with Miche, but my day time job has gotten more demanding in the last year.. and in these last few months, I've finally figured it out that I can't do it all anymore. When I first started with Miche, my day job had some time slots that I could work on Miche - and my boss was my #1 fan (well #2 - my mom being the first - lol)... anyways, those slower days have long gone and I just can't juggle it any longer!!
I will be officially "retired" by Thanksgiving-ish weekend. Until then, I will only have my blog (www.StylishObsession.com) as a on/off sale page (so no more future updates on what is new/retired/etc) and a button to go to my Miche ordering webpage (www.love4.miche.com) - if you still want to order Miche goodies until the end of November.
BUT, because so many wonderful Miche Lovers and Miche Rep Sisters have asked, I will be transferring all of these past retired Miche Shells/items over to a new spot (retiredmiche.blogspot.com), which you can continue to use as a reference guide ;) No more updates of retired Shells/Miche goodies will be added after today, July 15th 2015. Sorry, but I have to stop at some point.. since that is the point of my future retirement, right?!?! It'll be hard, but I'll just have to sit on my hands!! LOL
Ugh - this is the hard part, closing a door.. but I can't tell you how relieved I am in knowing that I won't be stressed out as much in regards to my fun job - lol.. I'll still be super stressed out with my day job (as always), but with this chapter closing - I am feeling at peace and I know it is what I need to do for my sanity (lol)!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to you all!! You all have been so awesome and I'm so blessed to have had our paths cross!!
Take care and God Bless :)